[PSA] Trojan and Malware Spread by Gregory Morse [‘chants’] of ExeTools Forum

We have already discussed the Islamic Homosexual agenda of Gregory Morse from Cleveland, Ohio.

Today we want to warn the general public that the same user who uses the nickname “chants” has been distributing Remote Access Trojan (RAT) malware to unsuspecting UNDERAGED FEMALE users through the Exetools Forum where he managed to attain the VIP status after a series of hefty “donations” to Islamic Homosexual Movement within the forum.

You can see that post in the forum here:


In case the post has been edited or is otherwise not accessible, you can see it here archived for posterity:

Gregory Morse is well known to be selling and distributing homosexual porn videos within the exetools forum but this distribution of malware to target female underaged users of the forum is a new first!