ZeNiX – A Case of Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Zenix, one of the admins of eXeTools forum, had become the admin solely by the virtue of her being a “friend” of the founder Aaron.

While this is nothing uncommon either in the real world or the online world, the fact that she starts to “judge” other much more senior and advanced reverse engineers who are much more qualified than her and who had earned their ranks through the demonstration of their expertise time and again in the forum, is seriously laughable.

Just this morning, we received screenshots and a GIF video of a thread in the VIP section of the forum, where they discussed ZeNiX when she’d just joined the forum in 2009.

As you can clearly see the dates on the posts, Zenix had joined the forum relatively late and also had received her VIP status (to later on become an admin) solely by the virtue of the fact that she was Aaron’s friend and not because she was qualified.

I am trying to stress the fact that while I am fine with the fact that she got to be the admins for the sole reason that she was Aaron’s “friend”, she should not be going around JUDGING the other members who are far more qualified than her.

A Senior Member Questioning How ZeNiX got VIP status with 1 post
A GIF Video of the Thread in the VIP Section of the Forum as proof that the screenshot is real

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the VIP member of the eXeTools forum who’d risked his VIP status to make the screenshots and the GIF video available to us.

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