Toro Nikan the Shameless Self-Conceited Liar

Let me not even get started on the shameless people like toro (Toro Nikan) who are the so-called VIPs who are present in the forum.

I do not say anything without proof. Ample proof is posted below which can be well understood by all concerned.

To sum up, they have just one problem:

They are old-timers who were no doubt, good in THEIR time, some 30 years ago.

But the problem being that they still wanna CLING and hold onto the respect that was at ONE TIME theirs.

They simply cannot accept the fact that research can be performed by OTHERS as well and not just by them, and that others ALSO can discover, chance up or even invent new things.

NO, so what they try to do is to PUT DOWN others calling them liars and what not.

It is important to understand and remember that KNOWLEDGE is not just theirs alone and that they should have an OPEN MIND when doing research.

Most importantly, they must remember that WITHOUT PROOF they should not throw around their weight calling others as LIARS.

To better illustrate my point, just let me paste a screenshot of what he’d posted today, accusing a senior reverser of lying:

Just because HE cannot do something, Toro Nikan claims that NO ONE ELSE should be or would be able to do it lol 😀

Toro Nikan, I know for SURE that it can be done since I was and am still a part of that Senior Reverser’s team and we’ve been working very hard on the project.

No doubt, YOU would have failed to accomplish it. But without any PROOF why the hell do you want to go ahead and call the OTHERS as liars?

Most importantly, COWARDS like you very shamefully keep silent till the person is no longer on the board/forum and THEN you let your foul mouths loose with whatever allegations you can think of. 

Behave with some DECENCY and if you are a REAL MAN (I very much doubt it) you must say whatever you say when the person is PRESENT. To HIS FACE. Not BEHIND his back. Like a shameless coward.

Oh, and get your formatting right first. THEN you can reverse dongles. Stop over-using that stupid emoticon with the sunglasses.

The days of your glory are OVER. Learn to ACCEPT it and LIVE WITH IT.

Hope that Toro Nikan has got my words into that thick head of his 😀

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