Gregory Morse Childhood Abuse by Father Reynolds “Ren” Morse

In a confession that shocked the piracy community at (the EXETOOLS forum), the “queer” or homosexual Muslim terrorist Gregory Morse who uses the moniker “chants” in that forum gave a detailed account of the sad and abusive story of his past which led him to become a homosexual, shunned by his own Muslim community.

So not take our word for it. This is the archived post from with a screenshot:

Gregory Morse (Abdul Muid) speaks of his childhood abuse by father.

This is the actual link of his post:

Gregory Morse (Abdul Muid) aka “chants” from Cleveland, Ohio

This is the photo of Mr Reynold “Ren” Morse, the father of Gregory Morse, who supposedly subjected Gregory Morse to sodomized sex on a nightly basis, severely traumatizing him in such a way as to turn him into a homosexual who would not be able to as much, look at a female , let alone have a normal conversation with them.

Reynold “Ren” Morse, the sexually abusive father of Gregory Morse/chants

Gregory Morse opened up his own website, with a request for donations, so that he could get treated for his perverted and aberrant sexual behavior. Please support him if possible.

Gregory Morse also has his own Youtube channel which was already discussed in our previous reports. Quick screenshots to jog your memory follow.

Chants aka Gregory Morse as Abdul Moeed

Other videos of chants aka Gregory Morse

Full Youtube Playlist of his here:

[PSA] Trojan and Malware Spread by Gregory Morse [‘chants’] of ExeTools Forum

We have already discussed the Islamic Homosexual agenda of Gregory Morse from Cleveland, Ohio.

Today we want to warn the general public that the same user who uses the nickname “chants” has been distributing Remote Access Trojan (RAT) malware to unsuspecting UNDERAGED FEMALE users through the Exetools Forum where he managed to attain the VIP status after a series of hefty “donations” to Islamic Homosexual Movement within the forum.

You can see that post in the forum here:

In case the post has been edited or is otherwise not accessible, you can see it here archived for posterity:

Gregory Morse is well known to be selling and distributing homosexual porn videos within the exetools forum but this distribution of malware to target female underaged users of the forum is a new first!

Desperate Exetools Forum Admins Stoop to Using Team-IRA to Drive Traffic to Own Forum

Desperate Exetools Forum Admins now stoop to using the name and fame of Team-IRA to drive traffic to the dying Exetools forum.

With the Exetools forum traffic at an all time low and with many long-time members abandoning the forum like rats fleeing a sinking ship, the forum admins were found stooping to take the most unethical and desperate measures in a failing attempt to retain interest in at least a few of the last remaining members.

From desperately creating new sections in the forum to front-paging fake posts (the latest being the incomplete “VMProtect sources leak” post from last May) to hurriedly re-opening registrations without any safeguards in place, the admins keep trying all methods to keep the sinking ship that is the EXETOOLS forum, afloat.

After putting up the EXETOOLS domain for sale, the admins’ main priority is to keep up the forum web traffic, by hook or by crook, the quality of the content being the least of their concerns.

But what is the cause of the downfall of the once-glorious and vibrant EXETOOLS forum you ask?

The answer comes circling back to just ONE MEMBER: “chants“. The one member found to be the cause of the downfall and anything bad happening in that EXETOOLS forum.

Deserving not even a simple “member” rank, that user “chants” was promoted to the rank of “VIP” just for one reason: to spite a very prominent member of the forum.
With a serious lack of technical skills, the user “chants” excels in one area though: Inciting conflict among users of any and all forums where he is a member of.
One quickly finds after a quick investigation that the user “chants” is at the root of almost all conflicts that arise in the EXETOOLS forum.

When a prominent forum member “WhoKnows” made a post, he was promptly banned.
However the post continues to live on for eternity on the page and you can view it in its untouched pristine glory:

BAN CHANTS AND KEEP EXETOOLS FORUM ALIVE is the call of the hour and the need of the day

Meanwhile, TonyWeb shamelessly denies having ever been a member of the Team-IRA forum nor having promised to post there. Nearly all the reversing community saw TonyWeb posting content (albeit of low quality) in full swing a few years ago at Team-IRA forum before he was kicked out for cheating.

IMS Injection Moulding Company: Terrorism by Gregory Morse and his Father

This is about the IMS (Injection Moulding) Company at 10373 Stafford Rd. Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023-5296 which Gregory Morse aka Chants has been using in collaboration with his father, A. Reynolds “Ren” Morse.

This is the company’s website:

Photo of Gregory Morse’s father, A. Reynolds “Ren” Morse the owner of the company, who also has been helping Gregory Morse with his terrorist recruiting activities:

Check this out:

We will provide more details the involvement of Mr Reynolds Morse, the father of Gregory Morse and his part in the terrorist operations.

Stay tuned!

Terrorist Activity at IMS Injection Moulding Company: Used as Training and Recruiting Centre

Gregory Morse was already discussed earlier several times in our blog posts in the past few months. Lately he seemed to be silent but once again resurfaced at the tuts4you forum (as ProgMan) and at the exetools forum (as chants) with several posts targeted to bring down critical web server infrastructure in the United States of America.

Gregory Morse aka Chants aka Progman

Using the moniker of “chants”, Gregory Morse was found requesting EXPLOITS for Spectre.

It was also found that Gregory Morse was found to be using his father’s IMS Injection Moulding factory based right in the US as a front for his terrorist operations. This is not only shocking but also news that deserves to rise to the headlines in every newspaper and blog!

This is a developing story and rapid news updates are expected in the next 24 hours. Please await further updates and keep checking this page frequently!