Tuts4you Forum: Hundreds Die After Following Quack COVID Advices By Gregory Morse and Teddy Rogers

We had already published a story around 3 weeks ago detailing the dangerous COVID-19 cures advertised by some of the members of the popular tuts4you forum. In that story we provided clear screenshots of the forum pages as well as links to the original forum pages and the archived ones.

Gregory Morse

We follow up on that story to show how hundreds of innocent people, many of them children, died as a result of following the dangerous medical advices from the resident quack doctor Gregory Morse who paid the owner of the forum, Mr Teddy Rogers (Melbourne, Australia) to allow him to remain on that forum and post whatever trash advices that he wished.

Several school children landed in hospital where some of them subsequently died, after they tried to “wash their intestines” with a saline solution by using a veterinary needle to inject sea-water into their abdomen. This was advised by Gregory Morse on tuts4you a few weeks ago as a “preventive for the COVID viral illness” and was approved by the administrators of the forum Teddy Rogers as well as Loki.

Gregory Morse was known to be funding the tuts4you forum with millions of dollars raised through illegal operations including the sales of illegal drugs. In return for his money, Teddy Rogers and Loki are well known to lick the boots of Gregory Morse .

The tuts4you forum is now well known to be a dark bottomless pit for luring unsuspecting souls down the slippery slope of contraband drugs with promises of “cracked” software.

Thinly disguised as a “reversing forum” it is nothing but a snake-pit for the depraved and the society rejects to take refuge in and lure more and more teenagers into the one-way lane of drug abuse out of which there can be no return.

Gregory Morse is the scourge that destroyed the once bustling and blooming EXETOOLS forum. One that forum got destroyed, this creature from hell descended into the tuts4you forum and bribed Teddy Rogers so that he could use that tuts4you forum as his main base to continue his nefarious operations.

More on this tomorrow. Please bookmark this site and return back for more updates.

7 Replies to “Tuts4you Forum: Hundreds Die After Following Quack COVID Advices By Gregory Morse and Teddy Rogers”

  1. Hey… I don’t give a f*ck and neither does Teddy (Bear) Rogers regarding how many die or don’t die.
    My job is to f*ck the reversing forums and leave.

    Wherever I enter, the forums die!
    All I need to do is to get high and post trash.

    Pay Teddy Rogers and Loki. They make sure that EXETOOLS and Tuts4you mods are shut up!

    I am great!

  2. Jabloni Grover (chants/ cunts),

    Don’t worry. As long as you pay me you can do whatever you wish in my forum.

    You can fulfil your dream of posting medical advices in my forum, even though you could not become a doc in real life and ended up as a street rat!

  3. Cunts, I mean, chants… I mean progman….
    You are safe at EXETOOLS too. I will make everyone shut up since you are funding us.

    your lapdog,
    Loki the mischievous!

  4. My hard drive is still not booting up.. Can you get me your fluorescent light rod so that I can use it to “stun” my LAN cable and stop the data transmission???

  5. Kao here. Yeah, the palm tree avatar man.
    You can PM me anything at all and I solve for you.

    I am a bit moody now and then but hey! So what?!

  6. Hey guys.. I am having an identity crisis. I think I got infected from Teddy Rogers.

    Seeing Teddy Bear Rogers change his avatar to the nutcracker one, I also developed the syndrome and now I cannot resist changing my avatar every few hours….

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