Denuvo Employee Sexually Harasses 13-Year Old Girl



I needed to bring up and use the name of DENUVO in the title of this blog post as it is very much relevant to the content.

Here, the Denuvo employee in question is of course Mr Duncan Ogilvie, who uses the nick Mr Exodia when releasing “cracks” and also as a staff member of the eXeTools Forum.

In this post, I want to show along with proof how Mr Exodia tried to sexually harass my 13-year old sister knowing full well that she was only 13-years old.

Any claims that he did not know that she was underage at that time, would hold no water, as my sister clearly told out her age as can be seen in the screenshot pics that follow.

I would say that this is without a doubt one of the best ways to show how Mr Exodia misuses his position as a staff member at DENUVO to get hold of “inside” information and disseminate it outside for sexual favors from under-aged teens.

The screenshot posted below shows the chat between Mr Exodia (Duncan Ogilvie) and my 13-year old sister, who was chatting with him on the eXeTools platform using the personal messenger, and had supposedly asked him for a game-crack for a game that was obfuscated and protected with the DENUVO protector. You can see his response below.

Mr Exodia’s Chat with my 13-Year Old Sister – Asking her to Strip and Dance Nude

Do note that while the Personal Messenger facility is only available to senior members in the forum, we are able to message and communicate with the staff and also with such members who are added as mutual “friends” in both our contact lists.

This was the reason I was able to message and communicate with the staff member Mr Exodia even though I was a new member in that forum.

In the screenshot above, you can see that my sister messaged Mr Exodia through my account (as she did not have an account of her own) and had asked him for a crack for a game protected with the Denuvo protector.

You can clearly see Mr Exodia trying to take advantage of the situation and even MISUSE his position as a STAFF member of BOTH DENUVO (where he is a DEVELOPER and ALSO of his position as a STAFF MEMBER OF EXETOOLS forum.

Despite that fact that he acknowledged that my sister was only 13-years old, he still persisted in asking her to perform sexual acts.

It is sad to say that ultimately, my sister ended up showing herself nude to Mr Exodia through the Webcam though she did get the game crack in return. 🙁

Even after that, according the records of the messages between my sister and Mr Exodia, he CONTINUED to persist in asking her to perform sexual acts over the webcam for his perverted pleasure and apparently even RECORDED them :(((

I am still trying to convince my sister to file a complaint with the local police regarding this sexual harassment towards her but she is afraid of what “revenge” Mr Exodia may take against her, as he still is in possession of the video recordings (of the “performances” of my under-aged sister over the web-cam).

Let us not forget the ARROGANCE of Mr Exodia (Duncan Ogilvie) which we had already detailed in another blog post last month:

The Arrogance of Mr Exodia

I am adding a small video GIF of the Private Message post between my sister and Mr Exodia to show that it was not photo-shopped or anything:

Conversation Between my 13-Year Old Sister and Duncan Ogilvie (Mr Exodia)

So in other words, it is very clear to all of us that TERRORISM and now even SEXUAL HARASSMENT (no less, of MINORS and UNDER-AGED girls) is practiced, prevalent and COMMON in the eXeTools Forum.

Earlier, I had discussed in detail with even proof from WIKI-LEAKS, showing the involvement of the TEAM LEADER AHMADMANSOOR in the Syrian-Terrorism War and how he is actively involved even now in propagating terrorism through the eXeTools forum

At this time he is known to be in DUBAI (U.A.E) “working” as an IT Programming Manager at Golden Square Engineering Consultants.

I had also described in detail how terrorism is openly encouraged in this forum.

I had also discussed how anti-FBI tactics are taught quite openly and discussed without any restraint or fear, by the terrorist recruiter CHANTS (Jabloni Grover from Cleveland, Ohio) along with his turkish supporter who uses the nicks p4r4d0x and pirat.

What is new is that CHANTS had decided to use a few more NEW DUPLICATE/FAKE accounts with fake nicks to propagate his terrorism ideals further in the eXeTools and other forums.

FAKE IDs used by CHANTS (among others) include:


So just be a little careful when you come across posts from members with the above nicks.

We also saw how CHANTS (Jabloni Grover, from Cleveland Ohio) continues his propaganda in the tuts4you forum:

Chants Continues His propaganda at Tuts4you Forum

All the info posted here is from PUBLIC SOURCES and has been vetted by our legal consultants and deemed fit for publication.

If anyone still has any further concerns or complaints regarding the content in this blog, please leave a comment with valid contact details and I will provide you with the official form that you can fill up and sign under the pain and penalty of perjury, after which I will remove the offending content within 24 hours.

12 Replies to “Denuvo Employee Sexually Harasses 13-Year Old Girl”

  1. Wow, that behavior is sickening. I am sorry that happened to your sister. This whole thing blows my mind. Of course, it is far from unexpected, it is just the WHO and WHY. Very sad situation indeed.

    1. Men will be men I guess. But more sickening is the fact that the eXeTools admins want to shove the whole thing under the carpet and just ban whoever brings up the topic.
      Closing one’s eyes to the stark reality of the situation and pretending that everything is alright will not solve the problem.

  2. How can we discuss in private when they simply ban us without warning?
    The moment I brought up this matter before the eXeTools admins, they just banned me quietly within an hour.

  3. I cant believe he actually said those things. but beyond that I cant believe a 13 year old girl is so deranged that she does those despicable things in front of a webcam!
    That dude needs to be punished definitely, but there is definitely something extremely wrong with your 13 year old sister that traded her sexuality for a game crack!! in first place!
    You need to deal with your little sister first, so she doesn’t end up pregnant at 14! or even flee the house and end up with God knows who!
    Definitely pursue this to the end so you can get either that forum shut down or the guy behind bars before they ruin someone else’s life.
    And definitely definitely have your sister use consultation service.

  4. I don’t understand Why your sister want’s a crack from a denuvo employee ? Does she got a crack or not ? Your Sisters take an advice from the of your family member your father and mother even you also.Even she can get good games from steam from $ 80.Though I agree that it was Mr Exodia’s fault.
    Does Mr Exodia know’s your sister and how He saw your sister in video chat? there are question coming in mind.and in my view it was also the problem of lack of education. students should be given cyber awareness.Though there are many people for help also your should contract them don’t post on the website it will get viral there is no point of that You Should ask help from good government person in your society maybe an advocate.I think Mr Exodia thinks himself as good powerful person himself because he is creator of x64dbg there are many people like him most companies find people from forums not linkedin Mr Exodia was also chosen from community because of his reputation.

  5. Really sorry this happened, This crime needs a fitting punishment, Even if that meant loosing our best employee. We are personally having a chat with this guy,

    Also we have nothing against paying customers, we just hate piracy. And that hatred would extend to any crime.

    Denuvo Team

  6. Hello CEO-Denuvo talking would just won’t do it. jail that bastardo

    I like to spell his name as mrSexodia — f*cking child molestor

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