Antonio (TonyWeb) Sells Cracks at CID Software

In a rather bold move, TonyWeb, whose cheating tactics we already covered rather extensively in this blog, published on his blog yesterday the contact details of the company that he works at and that one could contact him there to buy his cracked software:

EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server v5.0.6.55900 – At CID Software Studio

From his blog, the website of the company where he works at, is:

Again, from his blog, TonyWeb’s other contact details:

Antonio (alias TonyWeb) employed at
CID Software Studio S.p.A.
Centro Direzionale di Napoli Isola E7
80143 – Napoli
Tel. 081/19562140
Fax 081/19562139
Partita I.V.A. 04676440631

Bl4ckCyb3rEnigm4 and PhoenixCA Sell Board4All Forum’s IP Address


The IP address of the hosting server (along with the complete dumped forum database) for the Board4All forum which is well known to host all manner of illegal content including illegal porn, pirated software in addition to facilitating the sales of contraband drugs and firearms (through the Personal Messenger facility)
was finally sold out in a couple of underground forums yesterday by 2 users who use the online handles “Bl4ckCyb3rEnigm4” and “PhoenixCA” for several thousand US dollars.

The IP address of the hosting server for Board4All forum is now known to be:

The hosting server for the Board4All forum belongs to the ServerAstra company in Hungary which leases out the VPS.

ServerAstra details here:

The modus operandi of the user “Bl4ckCyb3rEnigm4” is well known who attempts to silently “hack” various online IT/warez/pirated software forums, injects malware into the site’s hosting server and then pretends to have a very long talk with the forum admins, offering to “REPAIR” those “security issues” (which were injected by him in the first place).
PhoenixCA also follows a similar modus operandi where he has a very long talk via the Private Messenger with forum admins where he offers “repair” several “vulnerabilities” in the hosting server, thereby gaining access to a lot of privileged info including the info of the forum users from the database, which he then proceeds to sell underground.

Previously, the identity of a notorious online software pirate who went by the handle of “MartinAero” (also used handles of “Alex-009“, “Per Eriks“, among many others) was also leaked out and shared by us here:

The complete details of the Board4All forum hack update by the main admin were already posted on the 7th of December and if you did not read it already, you can check it out here:


In a lame effort to evade responsibility and for the hacked B4A server (despite the B4A admin himself clearly owning up to the fact that the Board4All server was hacked) and to discredit this investigative journalism blog site, the B4A forum admins keep blaming the RETIRED member “TechLord”.

Nothing could be more lame than blaming TechLord, which they do without a SHRED of evidence to prove their point.

It is worthy of note that after the hack of the Board4All forum 2 months ago, the B4A admins silently decided to delete their Discord server in an attempt to evade responsibility and to prevent discussion by their forum members, but that only led to a much bigger upheaval on the Exetools forum and on Reddit where this was discussed in much more detail, and much more freely, showing that the mere deletion of the Discord server is/was not enough to suppress the free speech of the users.

Katie, who uses the online handle “Markat” on the Board4All forum to sell her sex videos (through the private messenger) , is known to be the daughter of “Challenger”, the present admin of the Board4All forum.
Shockingly, Challenger is known to be “pimping” Markat, in this connection.

We have solid proof for every statement that we make here.