Gregory Morse Childhood Abuse by Father Reynolds “Ren” Morse

In a confession that shocked the piracy community at (the EXETOOLS forum), the “queer” or homosexual Muslim terrorist Gregory Morse who uses the moniker “chants” in that forum gave a detailed account of the sad and abusive story of his past which led him to become a homosexual, shunned by his own Muslim community.

So not take our word for it. This is the archived post from with a screenshot:

Gregory Morse (Abdul Muid) speaks of his childhood abuse by father.

This is the actual link of his post:

Gregory Morse (Abdul Muid) aka “chants” from Cleveland, Ohio

This is the photo of Mr Reynold “Ren” Morse, the father of Gregory Morse, who supposedly subjected Gregory Morse to sodomized sex on a nightly basis, severely traumatizing him in such a way as to turn him into a homosexual who would not be able to as much, look at a female , let alone have a normal conversation with them.

Reynold “Ren” Morse, the sexually abusive father of Gregory Morse/chants

Gregory Morse opened up his own website, with a request for donations, so that he could get treated for his perverted and aberrant sexual behavior. Please support him if possible.

Gregory Morse also has his own Youtube channel which was already discussed in our previous reports. Quick screenshots to jog your memory follow.

Chants aka Gregory Morse as Abdul Moeed

Other videos of chants aka Gregory Morse

Full Youtube Playlist of his here: