Chants aka Gregory Morse – The Details

All the information posted has been taken from public records , has been vetted by our legal teams and deemed appropriate for publication in this blog.

We are awaiting clearance to post more identifying details about this wanted criminal like his address and actual criminal records. At this time, we were advised by Legal to temporarily NOT post such information until further clearance could be obtained from the relevant authorities.

Please check back often as we will update it with his Driver’s License and other details as soon as we get clearance.

Furthermore, Chants aka Jabloni Grover had made this information publicly available in the forum and thus all more cannot be considered doxxing of private information.

Real Name: Gregory Morse

Originally from : Cleveland, Ohio (USA)

Police Records: Multiple drug offences; Many prior arrests with jail time; Still has ACTIVE arrest warrants against him.

He had been barred permanently from ever working with children and had charged with multiple counts of serious crimes against children including pedophilism and sexual intercourse with underage children.

He has several counts of drug trafficking to his name in multiple countries and jurisdictions.

IMPORTANT: Records show that he is a RADICAL ISLAM fundamentalist and had put up many facebook pages which were later removed by the US govt agencies which were encouraging “radical” islam thinking (ie TERRORISM)

EVEN NOW, if you do a google search and then try to look for the archived sites with an US IP ADDRESS, you can still see the ISLAM FACEBOOK PAGES that he set up a few years ago (some of them have been blanked)

He had fled to HUNGARY to avoid arrest a few years ago under the pretext of studying Computer Science and is currently on the run.

At this time he is known to be actively coordinating with the criminal from Sacramento (CA) who uses the nick atom0s to recruit potential candidates for his outfit from western parts of the US.