Discussion: Denuvo Cracks in Exchange for Sexual Favors from Underage Girls

If you did not already read my blog post from yesterday, please navigate there first and read it.

A lot of things had happened over the past 24 hours after I’d finally managed to gather courage and post the details of the incident involving the sexual harassment of my under-aged sister by a senior staff of eXeTools forum and a reputable developer at Denuvo – Mr Duncan Ogilvie (better known by his nick : Mr Exodia).

As expected, a lot of supporters and lackeys of Mr Exodia tried to get my threads at REDDIT taken down through the use of a lot of dirty tactics. In fact, while they did ultimately succeed in the end, by then the content in the blog managed to reach thousands of readers all over the world, and was even mirrored on many of their own blogs.

I would like to thank each and everyone of our readers who had supported me and my sister in this ordeal.

I will now address the dirty tricks tactics employed by Mr Exodia’s supporters yesterday, one by one with evidence so that the astute readers can be sure of my motives, intentions, and most of all of the veracity of the posted content, both here and on my reddit threads.

Why I Created this Blog and Posted On REDDIT rather than go Directly To The Police:

This was another point repeated raised by some of the “haters” on REDDIT yesterday.

The reason is very simple. I did not want to get any other girl to suffer the same fate and undergo the mental trauma that my sister went through, by making his tactics public.

If he could do this to MY sister, he could very well do this to any other girl and try to entice her with offers of “cracks” in return for even actual physical sexual favors if she lived closer to him!

By exposing all his tactics in this way, he and any other perverts planning a similar course of action would think a hundred times before proceeding with their nefarious plans.

TechLord was not “banned” but rather, had VOLUNTARILY left that illegal forum EXETOOLS of his own accord:

I needed to make mention of his (TechLord’s) nick since I’d noticed that Mr Exodia’s supporters find it convenient to drag TechLord into the picture in an attempt to divert the readers’ attention away from the main topic at hand.

Rumors are also adrift that “certain big companies” had paid redditors to actually get my threads there deleted yesterday.

TechLord had LEFT the eXeTools forum voluntarily after posting a “goodbye thread”.

Even though the Goodbye Thread still exists on that warez forum (eXeTools), you can view it in the web archives here:


Obviously his account had not been banned PRIOR to that post of his, or he couldn’t have even logged into the forum, let alone create a full thread !

I hope we can avoid dragging third parties into this mess that my sister has gotten herself into. Just because Techlord had been nice enough to allow my threads to remain on his subreddit, I do not think that it is right to crucify him for that.

New readers would not be know that OkTaro5 is just CHANTS using that silly new 1 month-old account there at reddit in an attempt to subvert readers from the main topic at hand. Of course, as described elsewhere on my blog he is hand-in-glove with atom0s and p4r4d0x as well.

Another reason why many leave is because the admins of that forum do not hesitate to attack and insult their own members. Once again, see proof HERE , where the admin creates posts in an attempt to DEFAME a senior member, who had already LEFT that forum several days prior!

This is more than SOLID proof, I should say. Or rather a MAJOR GOOF-UP by the admins there.

Response from the CEO of DENUVO:

The CEO of Denuvo had posted a comment for this blog post yesterday and I want to say that me and my sister are very grateful to them for their timely response.

Response from CEO Denuvo

We have contacted Denuvo directly with the details that they’d provided us, and depending on their further responses, I would most probably consider taking down that blog page.

In that connection I would like to state that we have already told Denuvo that me or my sister are NOT interested in any monetary compensation of any sort from Denuvo in connection with this incident, nor are we interested in defaming their company.

Regarding Possession Of the Nude Videos of My Sister:

As I’d mentioned in the REDDIT threads yesterday, Mr Exodia had recorded videos of my sister in her nude state through the webcam (on his own machine) and had even sent some of them back to my sister.

They remain in my sister’s possession. So in other words, even though I am a female myself, I am NOT in possession of the videos of my sister. I understand from my local law officials that one can possess videos of their OWN selves, without any issues, especially if they are going to use them as evidence later.

To clear that confusion, another helpful person (TechLord2) at REDDIT had tried to copy-and-paste the above paragraph from another comment of mine there, in an attempt to support me and to assert that since I was NOT in ACTUAL possession of those videos, I was NOT committing a crime!

But of course, the user OkTaro5 (aka CHANTS) was quick to jump and try to TWIST the facts to make the person who tried to actually help me, look like an FRAUDSTER.

Our Next Course Of Action:

At this time, my sister is in contact with her school counselors who had advised her of the next and appropriate courses of action to take. Since at this time we are not interested in suing or either Denuvo or Mr Exodia and since our intention is to only ensure that the same fate does not befall another innocent girl, we were told that the path before us is far more clear and easier.

However, we have been advised to approach the police with all the evidences so that they would be able to file a case and take necessary action. We would be doing that very soon.

Screenshots are Not Valid and are Insufficent Evidence?

Everyone was ready to scream yesterday on REDDIT that the screenshot evidence that I’d posted there, of Mr Exodia asking my sister to undress, was not valid and that it could be spoofed very easily.

While I can agree with that logic, I could not see any better way to provide proof of the incident.

For instance, while the VIDEO RECORDINGS are 100% valid as evidence since they were recorded on Mr Exodia’s machine and then sent back to her later, I obviously cannot post them online, even in a “censored/pixellatted/blurred” state, since it involves a minor.

Further, most importantly, there can be NO END to doubts! There should be a healthy amount of TRUST and FAITH.

Otherwise, readers can just claim that I posted a video of another (unknown) underage kid, and again say that it is not valid evidence and even claim that I am in possession of criminal material lol!

Therefore, the only valid way would be to provide those videos directly to the cops who would be able to forensically confirm that they were indeed recorded on his (Mr Exodia’s) machine and that the person in that video is indeed my sis! So ultimately, this is what we would be doing in the long run, after my sis recovers from her mental trauma.

Claiming that I am Labelling Members from the EXETOOLS forum as Terrorists:

Not really… I am regularly posting screenshots of posts from the EXETOOLS forum. Based on THOSE screenshots, readers should be able to derive conclusions that support our claims. Examples follow:




Do these even belong in a REVERSING FORUM?



Draw your own conclusions based on the screenshots…

Why this is NOT “DOXX-ING”:?

Mr Exodia/ Duncan Ogilvie says that this is Public Info

Mr Exodia himself claims that this is public info. This is from the tuts4you forum. How would this be considered doxxing?

In fact even on his github profile he uses his real name and nick together on the same page.

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