Denuvo Employee Duncan Ogilvie aka Mr Exodia Continues to Pirate Software

At this time, the EXETOOLS forum, after being kicked out by various hosting providers, is hosted on their PC in China, using their mobile phone’s internet connection, and resolves to the IP address which is in the SUZHOU City in JIANGSU Province in China.

All this would not happened if not for the SAD DEMISE OF AARON and ZENIX (the founders of the EXETOOLS Forum)

The readers would no doubt remember the notorious Duncan Ogilvie aka Mr Exodia in the software piracy forum circles, who sexually harassed a 13 year-old girl by asking her to strip naked and dance for him, just a few months ago.

We had also posted a video proof of the same at that time, where he asks the under-aged girl to perform the sexual acts.

Just yesterday, Mr Exodia once again re-surfaced on the EXETOOLS forum where he was found posting that he was ready to add more “features” to his notorious tool The Armadillo Killer Tool (AKT) that managed to put an end to the Silicon Realms Armadillo protector a few years ago.

It is shocking how Mr Exodia, while working for a company (Denuvo) that specializes in Software DRM, still not only continues to be an administrator at the notorious EXETOOLS forum that specializes in software piracy and recruitment of terrorists, but also continues to create and support tools expressly designated to BREAK DRM!

You can see the screenshot below:

Mr Exodia Still Continues to be an Admin at EXETOOLS Forum (Click on Image for Full Size)

The thread at EXETOOLS forum where he initially posted yesterday is also archived here in case they delete it after seeing this blog post.

It is interesting to note that the admins at EXETOOLS forum decided to lull themselves into a false sense of security by attempting to block off several IP addresses that they believe belonged to the Law Enforcement Agencies. All that did absolutely nothing to prevent the Interpol officers from being able to access the EXETOOLS forum site.

At this time it can be seen that several IP addresses are banned from accessing EXETOOLS forum and attempting to connect to the forum through them would result in a dropped connection.


As many members of the EXETOOLS forum would have been no doubt aware by now,  the site was mostly down for a greater part of the last 2 days as the site operators struggled to move their illegal site back to China from where it is presently operating from, at this time.

Earlier on, this illegal site ( was hosted on the IT7 Servers with an IP address of , which they tried to go to great lengths to conceal, through the use of CloudFlare services.

Due to the unrelenting efforts on the part of LEAs from various jurisdictions, the site operators were forced to retreat back to China where they continue to host the site behind their home-grown reverse-proxy firewall, at the time of this writing.

It is of note that they even use their mobile phone’s internet connection to serve out the web content from their PC which they use as a server for that illegal site at this time.

Of course, the operators of the site including Chants and Ahmadmansoor attempted to geo-block a few IP address ranges belonging mapping to the US and some parts of Europe.

Of course, in these days where VPNs have become a fact of life and where even laymen use the VPNs for their daily browsing needs, the jokers (admins of EXETOOLS) who attempted that IP block with their home-grown firewall should learn that they are not fooling anyone lol.

Readers may recall that it was only after the sad demise of Aaron and Zenix, the founders of this site, in a tragic accident last December, that the forum started to get rolling into this treacherous and slippery slope of Major Crime, including recruitment of Terrorists and Child Sex Abuse.

Of course, as everyone is well aware, the site specializes in software and hardware piracy, with even a dedicated REQUESTS sections where members can request cracks for software and hardware (dongles) for a price. I had already posted in another blog post of mine earlier as to how the admins actually encourage the sales of pirated material in the forum.

A screenshot of the “requests” section from that illegal website is posted as evidence below, for all to see. It is current as at that time of this writing of this blog.


GMAIL EVIDENCE of Denuvo Employee Mr Exodia’s Sexual Harassment of 13 Year Old Girl


As promised in this blog post, I am able to finally release the GMAIL proof of Mr Exodia asking for sexual favors from my 13 year old sister last year in exchange for Denuvo game cracks.

Anyone who does not know the background of this crime story can kindly read this blog post from last month where everything is explained in detail. You can also read the discussion I’d posted last month regarding the reasons as to why I decided to post everything on this blog rather than just go to the police.

In a nutshell, the reason that I’d decided to make this whole thing public was so that Mr.Exodia would not be able to repeat this crime towards any other underage girl ever again.

So today, I am going to post the VIDEO and also screenshots of that GMAIL [email] notification which clearly confirm the fact that the screenshots which I’d shared in my earlier blog post last month are all 100% genuine.

I will post the full video of myself opening the GMAIL’s web-mail page, click on the SSL certs to show that I am indeed logging on to the genuine GMAIL site, show the email in my inbox and of course, I will also click on the “Show Original” so that you can see the headers, and most importantly, you can also see that it passes the SPF verification, which shows that the email is a genuine one!

Members of the EXETOOLS forum know that when anyone messages them using the forum’s Personal Messenger (PM) , the recipient member would get a NOTIFICATION via email, with the full details of the PM sent to them.

The GIF video below shows the exact sequence of events right from the time I login to GMAIL: CLICK ON THE PIC BELOW TO SEE GIF

GIF Video of Myself Opening the GMAIL INBOX and Showing Even the HEADERS

Please note that I needed to blur some details as per the instructions from my legal advisors.

I was also told that I did NOT need to blur out the details of the EXETOOLS email servers’ IP addresses and their domain details as they were apparently considered as PUBLIC INFO, based on the fact that ANYONE receiving an email from the servers would be knowing the details.

Let me also just post the screenshot of the email:

Screenshot of the GMAIL Notification Received from the EXETOOLS Server

Just to show that the above image was not created by Photoshop or by editing HTML, I had posted the full video that showed everything I did right from the time I open the GMAIL inbox.

FULL SIZE Video can be watched here (same video):

There is no doxing involved here, and as already noted above, only PUBLIC INFORMATION has been left visible in the GIF video above.