WinHex 19.7 (x64/x86) Specialist license (SR0 – datecode 19.08.2018) by Kerlingen

We’d received numerous requests from our patrons asking us to upload a certain attachment and make it available to ALL the members, rather than just to the  “chosen few”   who lick the boots and the @sses of the admins at EXETOOLS forum.

That is why I have decided that this valuable share by Kerlingen would be made available to all.

Thanks to Kerlingen for sharing this with us and making it available to all the reversers.

This is the EXACT attachment that can be found at this post:

WinHex 19.7 (x64/x86) Specialist license (SR0 – datecode 19.08.2018)

We also want to highlight the ARROGANCE, HIGH-HANDEDNESS and the INSENSITIVITY of the CHESSDOG101 in this matter, when members posted requests to make the attachment available to all rather than just to the “family” grade members of that forum:

If anyone needs any other attachment, please free feel to make a comment requesting it.

Please do post a THANK YOU after you download, before leaving – just takes a few seconds of your time but means a lot to us who are doing this for all of you 😉

You can download it here:

Note that we will keep the link alive only for a few days. Please visit this blog regularly and ensure that you download them when the links are alive.

7 Replies to “WinHex 19.7 (x64/x86) Specialist license (SR0 – datecode 19.08.2018) by Kerlingen”

    1. Sorry but the license for that is not genuine. It is a “patched” version of the Winhex 19.8 which does not have all the features of the real Specialist or Forensic licenses (as the features are locked and need a license to unlock them)

      The one shared by me (created by Kerlingen) has all the features activated correctly.

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