Request ANY eXeTools Forum’s “Attached” Files!

I am pleased to announce that till I upload and share the 8 GB worth of attachments from the site-rip of the eXeTools forum, I will offering this facility whereby you can request ANY attachment from ANY post in the eXeTools forum, and I will be making it available to you here within a maximum of 24 hours.

You can request ANY attachment from ANY thread from the eXeTools forum. Even if it is located in the VIP or hidden sections of the forum. Just post your request in a comment below and we will upload and make the attachment available to you.

In most cases, if I am not at school, I will be able to upload and share the requested attachment within a few hours of your request.

Please provide the following details for the Requested Attachment:

(1) TITLE of the Thread the file is located in

(2) NAME of the Attached File that you are requesting

Please do NOT provide the URL of the direct download link to the attachment as it can change from user to user in some cases.

It could also be used to identify the VIP member who would be helping us get hold of that attachment…

That is why all you’d need to do is to provide the name of the thread and the attachment only, as a comment in this thread, as stated above.

Please see the example below to understand this better:

Title of Thread and Name of Attachment Should be Posted in the Comment.

We would like to sincerely thank the VIP members of the eXeTools forum who had pledged us their undying support in this venture of ours.

We will never be able to repay their kindness. Thank you.

14 Replies to “Request ANY eXeTools Forum’s “Attached” Files!”

  1. Sorry, we cannot provide files if not requested in the correct format.
    This is not a WAREZ request board.
    This service is for MEMBERS of eXeTools forum who are unable to download attachments due to the politics and crazy rules of the forum.
    So please check the forum carefully and request in the correct format.

  2. @MEGIN Are you serious!?! What are you talking about?Why you indentified me???Im member of some rce forums but never be member of exetools forum.Im not playing any tricks just want that attached files nothing else.

    1. Dear MarcoG, please post your request in the correct format:
      1. TITLE of the thread where the attachment is present
      2. NAME of the file that you want downloaded.

      As simple as that. Please do NOT provide teh URL links as they are NOT useful in this case.

      Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of the FULL POST containing the attachment, upload it to IMGUR and then post it as a comment here.
      I will get you the files.
      Thank you

  3. First, I would like to thank you for this offer.

    Secondly, how can we get attachments names if we’re not members in that site? My account got deleted few months ago because of me being away and I guess the best way for this to work out is to actually release the full dump of the site and remove the login sh@t, then we’ll know what to ask for.

    Thanks again.

    1. Yes, the full dump will be released soon. At this time we are fighting hard to expose the terrorism within the forum so that if possible, the forum can regain the glory of its good old days.
      The sooner this can be done, the sooner I can focus on the actual Site-Rip and Attachments Dump.

      The way you can help is to visit the links like these below and then post your thoughts in the comments:

      The terrorists should be first removed from the forum. We have already contacted the local anti-terrorism authorities and they are already looking into it.
      They say that the fact that ahmadmansoor is in Dubai (U.A.E) is not helping matters as they cannot arrest him for questioning.

      We are helping the authorities trace out and get warrants for arrest for Chants, atom0s and Chessdog101 at this time.

      Please do help us in our venture by posting your comments on the respective pages.

  4. I guess this is correct.

    —Stealth64 1.3 source code

    —mud’s src code giveaway

    —[Delphi] Loader shows how to patch PE protected with ASLR
    Delphi Loaders.rar

    —generate a licence file for dvdvideosoft

    —Magic File Renamer v7.4 Keygen & Patch SRC
    Magic File Renamer v7.4 Keygen & Patch SRC.rar

    —Dupehunter Professional KG SRC
    Dupehunter Professional KG SRC.rar

    1. You can download them here:

      I will keep the link alive for 24 hours as of this writing and then delete it. Please download before that.

      The contents of the archive are as seen in this pic:

      Now that you got what you wanted, please help us in our war against terrorism and to make the forum return back to its original glory by visiting these pages and making at least one comment each 🙂 :

      Thank you!


      DMCA: Any DMCA/Copyright issues please contact me directly to get the offending content removed.

  5. Being a little more polite goes a long, long way 😉
    Don’t be a leech. They are doing us all a great service by uploading our requested attachments.

    The least you could do is to comment a few words against the terrorists like Chants in the eXeTools forum who are causing the ultimate downall of that once majestic forum. They had never contributed anything at all in that forum.

    If anyone deserves a ban it is that Chants and p4r4dox!

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