[PSA] Gregory Morse Sets Up New Website

This is just a warning post to let everyone be aware that the Gregory Morse (also known as Chants) has set up a new website claiming that the Exetools forum admin, the ChessDog101 took over his (Gregory Morse’s) account and sabotaged him by banning him.

So, Gregory claims that he set up a web site of his own so that he could poste whatever he wished to “unfettered” by the exetools forums’ admins.

The site is at:


He also has mirror sites at: gregorymorse-cleveland.xyz and a dozen other similar domains…

CodeCracker is Ibrahim Mihai from TimiSoara, Romania

CodeCracker is well known as a crack distributor and staff member on various online boards like SnD, Tuts4You, Exetools and many others where he supplies underage children with illegal content.

In the view of public interest, to save children, we are now exposing his details:

Nicknames: CodeCracker, CodeExplorer
Real Name: Ibrahim Mihai
Real Address:
Street Dolie nr 4

Email Accounts used to provide illegal services include:

Please keep yourself and your children safe from this criminal.