It is a well known fact that the once-popular but now mostly-dead (except for warez posters) board4all forum was hacked last week.

ALL the user data of its members including the IP addresses and the device fingerprint info which could be used to uniquely identify every forum user right down to their street address remains leaked out to the attackers.

The hack was of such a scale and so massive that it rocked the very foundations of the board4all server and required over 5 days just to get the forum back up online again!

Although the forum staff tried to remain silent and to keep the whole matter under wraps, the truth finally spilled out when some of the board4all forum’s regular contributors of the illegal content including ilegal porn started to get arrested across the globe!

Here’s the admission of the fact from one of the forum’s admins:

TonyWeb is thought to be one of the main persons implicated in this unfortunate but brutal attack on the illegal forum.

Yes, the Tonyweb whom we are referring to is the same one who operates and owns the site: Tonyweb Sales

…And also owns this Discord Handle: tonyweb #4463

All that aside, now the situation at Board4all is SO BAD that the forum staff have now started to resort to BEGGING for donations ๐Ÿ˜€

In fact you can see such multiple BEGGING BOWLS at the Board4all forum in the form of BITCOIN DONATION WIDGETS where one can “anonymously” donate to the forum. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

But bitcoin transactions are FAR from anonymous and this is one thing that the would-be donators should be aware of: that through the blockchain, EACH AND EVERY BTC transaction can be traced right to its roots!

This is a very FAR CRY from the time that the ACTUAL admin “ZEUS” (who now moved out to the Team-IRA forum categorically used to state that he would NEVER allow donations of ANY kind at Board4all.
But after Challenger took over recently, the Board4all forum started to be the target of constant hacks and also a place to LAUNDER money by calling the Bitcoin payouts as DONATIONS!

See these articles for more info:

Are Cryptocurrency Transactions Actually Anonymous?

Are Bitcoin transactions anonymous and traceable?

With all this going on, it is no big wonder that the REAL reversers all, massively migrated to the Team-IRA forum (Team International Reversers’ Alliance) at in the past few months leaving just the noobs and the warez sellers like tonyweb at the board4all forum!

Furthermore, it is very well known that the staff of Board4all have grown SO ARROGANT that they ban the users of the forum without any reason, after having swallowed up their donations citing vaguely that they leaked the content outside…

PSA: Don’t Get Cheated by TonyWeb

This is a short PSA warning to everyone out there about the latest tactics used by TonyWeb to cheat unsuspecting users in various online forums by pretending to sell them cracks for money.

The general tactic that TonyWeb starts out with is by acting as the “charming gentleman” who like to “help people”, by throwing a bone or two in online forums by pretending to solve crack requests.
That way he fools most of the unsuspecting Administrators of the forums into promoting him to a high rank (most of the time, into the VIP rank or its equivalent).

Once promoted, TonyWeb slowly but surely starts to show his true colours by leeching off every single bit of valuable content posted by other senior users, from the VIP sections of the forums, which he then proceeds to sell in his own personal forums for large sums of money.

Most of the time, TonyWeb takes all the credit for the private techniques and content leeched off from the other forums, by calling them his own.
Of course, in order to avoid allegations that TonyWeb does not give credit for others’ work, he explicitly pretends to give credits now and then for PUBLIC and not very secret techniques in the forums.

Of course, for the REAL secret content, TonyWeb never gives credit to the real authors.

Once TonyWeb finished leeching off everything of value from a forum, then he silently but surely stops contributing there and then changes his EMAIL ID used for the registration in that forum, to a new one. This is to ensure that even if he is banned, none of his REAL details including his email address are left behind in that forum.

All the while, TonyWeb pretends to show that he is active in the various forums by posting trash posts, of very little value, or of content that is very old and useless to most people.

Many and various are the online forums where the CUNNING SNAKE of a person, TonyWeb, ransacked and sold off the valuable content of, in this manner.

One of the main forum where TonyWeb managed to win the trust of and cheat the users of their valuable content was the Team-IRA forum, where he conducted the exact same modus operandi before taking out the content from that forum to sell in other forums through PMs and other means.

It is well known that it is possible to guard online forums and their contents against enemies and hackers but it is impossible to guard against BACK-STABBERS like TonyWeb who use CUNNING and DECEPTION to WIN OVER TRUST and then STEAL content to later sell!

Whether you believe any of this or not, all the tactics of TonyWeb described here will be obvious to anyone with eyes who want to analyse the posts of that cunning serpent TonyWeb.

Pathetic Attempt by User de! to Salvage Last Vestiges of Pride

Just check this blog post:

Yet AGAIN, instead of taking the defeat in a graceful manner, user de! decides to make spurious claims that she reversed the UFS Explorer target all by herself when indeed, it was actually a GROUP EFFORT.

When something has been solved as a group, she should learn to give credit to others as well, instead of trying to take it all to herself!

Further, this attempt to save her pride comes at a time when another user “pentium450” booted the user de! right in her ass by saying that he solved the crack all by himself without having to need to beg de! for help lol!

WHAT A TIME for de! to be making the last ditch attempt claims lol!