IMS Injection Moulding Company: Terrorism by Gregory Morse and his Father

This is about the IMS (Injection Moulding) Company at 10373 Stafford Rd. Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023-5296 which Gregory Morse aka Chants has been using in collaboration with his father, A. Reynolds “Ren” Morse.

This is the company’s website:

Photo of Gregory Morse’s father, A. Reynolds “Ren” Morse the owner of the company, who also has been helping Gregory Morse with his terrorist recruiting activities:

A. Reynolds “Ren” Morse

Some of the staff from the B4All forum are also invoilved in the terrorist recruitment process led by Gregory Morse. The staff photo of the Board4all forum is pasted below:

We will provide more details the involvement of Mr Reynolds Morse, the father of Gregory Morse and his part in the terrorist operations.

Stay tuned!

Gregory Morse : Reversing Forum or Anti-FBI Sleeping Cell?

Let me paste screenshot GIFs of the posts from Chants the terrorist (real name Gregory Morse from Cleveland, Ohio) of his discussions with Ahmadmansoor, the self-proclaimed “Ring Leader” from Syria, who had managed to creep into the US and is now working in the IT industry here:

The messages seen in the screenshots were posted a few hours ago on the forum with a call to “take up arms” :

Gregory Morse says:
“I have a good track record at predicting and exposing their tactics, techniques and the psychological and sociological implications thereof. Time has already proven it”

In case you are reading this post on a mobile device and cannot read content in the above screenshot clearly, this is the discussion between the Turkish Terrorist p4r4d0x, Chants ( Gregory Morse from Cleveland Ohio) and Ahmadmansoor (the ring-leader) from Syria:

Gregory Morse claims and writes all this in public posts on the forum regarding the FBI all the while planning out their nefarious schemes on how to harm the American population and which airport to lay siege next:

“I have a good track record at predicting and exposing their tactics, techniques and the psychological and sociological implications thereof. Time has already proven it. But I would ask that this advice be taken without regard to me. Its just obvious that to stop a cult, you derail their focus in its tracks. If they choose to come back after 3 months its rather unlikely and it will never carry the same momentum.”

– – Chants aka Gregory Morse (the terrorist from Cleveland, Ohio) – Posted on 15 Jan 2019 in eXeTools forum


“Now this is extremely sound advice is all I am saying. These FBI cult mafias are limited by short attention spans. They need to keep the drama and hype. The problem is the people here seem to know about the official FBI but we are talking about the treasonous half of their job where there is no oversight and accountability and the power goes to their head and they work for private interests e.g. the rich. So if you want to shut down a cults focus and interest give them a 3 month cool off period. Otherwise trust me, they are going to rip a drama nightmare through here.”

Gregory Morse (continued)…

Screenshot of another message in that same thread by Gregory Morse , BLASPHEMING the FBI:

  “The FBI is basically a big out of control trolling agency”
Gregory Morse the terrorist (Cleveland,Ohio)

Again, let me excerpt the BLASPHEMIES spewed out by Gregory Morse and the gang of terrorists led by AHMADMASOOR (the “Ring-Leader” ) and Zenix , the “Bandit Queen” , just in case the fonts are too small for you to view on mobile devices. All these screenshots are “fresh out of the oven” and all were posted hardly a few hours ago:

“The FBI is basically a big out of control trolling agency as can be seen by all the nonsense and trouble they make. Nothing officially sanctioned has gone on, its just all rogue agents and their whims making desperate harassment of people who booted them. I have long hoped the spy agencies would basically flush the toilet and start over and get rid of all the feces floating in the intel community. Even the President cannot do it though, they are pretty clever bastards. “

– Chants aka Gregory Morse (the terrorist from Cleveland, Ohio)

Yet another post by Gregory Morse :

Just to let people know how FBI agents are committing treason.. “

Again, in case the font is too small to read on your device, this is what the message by Gregory Morse reads:

“VMProtect 3.3.0 was actually deliberately leaked by the FBI as a counter-intelligence effort. Just to let people know how FBI agents are committing treason – this is purely using their power not for official action. They are coordinating fake investigations solely for business and monetary reasons. VMProtect can pay some agents to help them and the FBI thugs asks them to make a bad release as a strategy. Their official job is boring, mundane, lame and routine. So they find a way to spend almost all their time doing side jobs for cash while doing a minimum of legitimate work. A whole lot of them are doing this and have been for quite a long time. Its become a de facto system there. Foreign agencies should do more to destroy the FBIs little aristocrat thug machine system. Their security clearance power was never intended for this nonsense and its against their own oath and constitution. The average American people are powerless against such a spy system.

“We all know 3.3.1 is the real release… Why cant people see through this? The recent banning of the FBI from the forum is extremely significant because we hindered their ability to run a lot of counter-intelligence games. But let’s just call this nonsense out for what it is. They are running hostile operations against all of us. And we should not respond kindly any further to them or their antics.”

– Chants aka Gregory Morse (the terrorist from Cleveland, Ohio)

And one more (how many anti-FBI posts can this guy churn up in a day?!)

” I am trying to educate everyone on how to identify, disrupt and dismantle these dirty hostile intelligence efforts. …”

Again, this is the content seen in the screenshot above, abusing the FBI:

“So to imply that its a threat is needless to say valid. However as far as we know you are telling the truth and were merely brainwashed or manipulated into choosing that name by an FBI handler. Its always difficult to tell if you peel the onion down to the handler or if you are many indirections away. Timing is everything and given prediction of hostile illegal unsanctioned intelligence action against this forum, at least suspicion is extremely fair. Nowadays the medical and brain manipulation technology is so advanced that they can play dreams into your brain all night long and try to design what happens during your day from who you meet to what name you choose on a forum. This is not a conspiracy theory its just technology (the spoils of war from WWII) and the typical routine of any empire at work. And let us remind you that “conspiracy theory” is usually a term used by spy networks to hide their own existence. Yet everyone and their cousin knows spy networks are very pervasive everywhere. I don’t think any of this is non-obvious.

I am trying to educate everyone on how to identify, disrupt and dismantle these dirty hostile intelligence efforts. Its certainly RE related as you cant have effective and productive online communities without shielding them in certain ways. This has been thoroughly researched by think tanks and the agencies for how to effectively disrupt with very long textbooks on the art of doing this. But we can also write the guide for stopping them permanently. Call it reality reversing if you will – something +Fravia back in those good times was also very interested in but he did not move so far into this stuff. “

– Of course, who else could abuse the FBI in this way except
Gregory Morse (Chants) the Terrorist?!

Chants aka Jabloni Grover – The Details

All the information posted has been taken from public records , has been vetted by our legal teams and deemed appropriate for publication in this blog.

We are awaiting clearance to post more identifying details about this wanted criminal like his address and actual criminal records. At this time, we were advised by Legal to temporarily NOT post such information until further clearance could be obtained from the relevant authorities.

Please check back often as we will update it with his Driver’s License and other details as soon as we get clearance.

Furthermore, Chants aka Jabloni Grover had made this information publicly available in the forum and thus all more cannot be considered doxxing of private information.

Real Name: Jabloni Grover

Originally from : Cleveland, Ohio (USA)

Police Records: Multiple drug offences; Many prior arrests with jail time; Still has ACTIVE arrest warrants against him.

He had been barred permanently from ever working with children and had charged with multiple counts of serious crimes against children including pedophilism and sexual intercourse with underage children.

He has several counts of drug trafficking to his name in multiple countries and jurisdictions.

IMPORTANT: Records show that he is a RADICAL ISLAM fundamentalist and had put up many facebook pages which were later removed by the US govt agencies which were encouraging “radical” islam thinking (ie TERRORISM)

EVEN NOW, if you do a google search and then try to look for the archived sites with an US IP ADDRESS, you can still see the ISLAM FACEBOOK PAGES that he set up a few years ago (some of them have been blanked)

He had fled to HUNGARY to avoid arrest a few years ago under the pretext of studying Computer Science and is currently on the run.

At this time he is known to be actively coordinating with the criminal from Sacramento (CA) who uses the nick atom0s to recruit potential candidates for his outfit from western parts of the US.