SHOCKING: Sad Demise Of ZeNiX and Aaron

Rest In Peace: Aaron and ZeNiX

Today, it is with the greatest of sorrow that I am going to break this tragic news to everyone.

Some of the senior members of the eXeTools forum were already aware of this news right from the second week of December 2018 when it had taken place, but under the directive of the other forum administrators (or rather, under the directive of the remaining and corrupt administrators of the forum), they’d decided to keep this news under wraps and pretend that everything was as usual as far as the eXeTools forum was concerned.

Apparently, Aaron, the beloved founder of the eXeTools forum and his wife Zenix, were involved in a very serious automobile accident in China (where they were resident) around the second week of December 2018, two months ago and had died instantly on the spot, due to the severity of their injuries.

The remaining administrators of the forum including the chessdog101, Mr.Exodia and ahmadmansoor allegedly did not want that news to leak out for fear that the senior members of the forum would leave once they found out that the beloved founder of their forum was no more.

But experienced veteran members in the forum could already smell a dead rat based on the drastic changes in the forum that were introduced all of a sudden without any explanation of warning at all.

However, any and all the members who decided to say anything at all against the remaining administrators of the forum were mercilessly silenced by having their accounts there deleted overnight without even a single PM, leave alone a notice to that effect.

Note that the remaining administrators of the forum had SEAMLESSLY taken over the accounts of both Aaron and Zenix and started operating them without letting anyone doubt that the people behind those two accounts were NOT Aaron and Zenix! Since they had admin rights over the forum, the other remaining admins were able to do this without any problems at all.

Though they could take over the accounts of both Aaron and Zenix, they could not change their behavior and that was how the veteran members of eXeTools who knew the founder and wife knew that something fishy was going on.

A striking example was where the “fake” person operating ZeNiX’s account had made a post stating that SELLING CRACKS was ALLOWED in the forum, though according to the RULES of the forum, ANY selling of warez was NOT allowed and would result in the offending member getting BANNED permanently!

Another example was where they had used ZeNiX’s account to directly make FAKE POSTS impersonating a very senior reverser.

ZeNix and Aaron would also never have allowed anti-FBI posts by a person like CHANTS nor would they have encouraged such pro-terrorist posts either.

They also would have immediately asked Mr Exodia to RESIGN from his post as one of the staff members of the forum, the moment they heard of the fact that he’d taken SEXUAL advantage of a 13-year old girl in exchange for Denuvo cracks!

At this time however, we can do only one thing: Remember the founders of the forum and pray that they Rest In Peace.

Rest In Peace: Aaron and ZeNiX

The Shame: ZeNiX Caught Red-Handed

Today I am going to expose the shame of Zenix (the admin) and Aaron (the founder) of ExeTools.

The height of their shame and the DEPTHS to which they do not hesitate to stoop down to, can be best proved with the help of two screenshots which I paste below.

Fake User and Thread Created by Zenix and Aaron

An hour ago they went so far as to create a fake user and then post some rubbish on their own forum.

You can see the thread still present on the eXeTools forum, if it has not been deleted by the admins after viewing this blog post:

You may wonder as to HOW I know that the admins posted created that fake user, POSTED lies in the name of that fake user TakeLove, and even BANNED that user for effect lol.

Well, the answer STARES right back at our faces if you look at the next screenshot.

The second screenshot is from this link ( that is seen in the first screenshot above:


Some GLARING points that the admins overlooked when committing the dastardly misdeed:

There is a CHECK BOX next to every post. This is available and visible to ONLY by the admins and when checked, this box enables the admin to CHOOSE that post for either editing or DELETION.

In their hurry to discredit senior reversers, they’d forgotten to delete that portion lol!

There is also an EDIT box visible as highlighted there. The edit box should be visible ONLY for 30 minutes for normal users. It will be visible indefinitely for users logged in as ADMINS.

I do not even need to point this out but the characteristic language used by ZeNix would be identifiable and would be crystal clear to all who knows her.

Zenix used the following credentials to create that fake ID:

meignore-yandexcom as the user name and
[email protected] as the FAKE email ID
from this IP address:

As this is the work of a criminal who is impersonating innocent people to commit misdeeds, we have confirmed that it is alright to post the info so that the other users could be alerted to this dangerous woman and her merciless and inhuman tactics to corner and attack unsuspecting individuals who were foolish enough to register on her forum..

She is using the exact same credentials to create another fake ID on REDDIT by the nick of meignore in an attempt to post these same lies there.

This the screenshot of the exact same nonsense she attempted to post on reddit a few hours earlier:

ZeNiX posted the exact same message on REDDIT a few hours prior , before creating that fake user and thread on eXeTools!

Of course, we have the LOOSE MOUTHED p4r4d0x ready to jump in and blaspheme as much as his loose mouth allows him to, about senior reversers:

LOOSE MOUTH p4r4d0x Barking Up the Wrong Tree 😀

He should get his FACTS RIGHT first BEFORE he starts barking whatever he feels with his evil little mouth.


ZeNiX – A Case of Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Zenix, one of the admins of eXeTools forum, had become the admin solely by the virtue of her being a “friend” of the founder Aaron.

While this is nothing uncommon either in the real world or the online world, the fact that she starts to “judge” other much more senior and advanced reverse engineers who are much more qualified than her and who had earned their ranks through the demonstration of their expertise time and again in the forum, is seriously laughable.

Just this morning, we received screenshots and a GIF video of a thread in the VIP section of the forum, where they discussed ZeNiX when she’d just joined the forum in 2009.

As you can clearly see the dates on the posts, Zenix had joined the forum relatively late and also had received her VIP status (to later on become an admin) solely by the virtue of the fact that she was Aaron’s friend and not because she was qualified.

I am trying to stress the fact that while I am fine with the fact that she got to be the admins for the sole reason that she was Aaron’s “friend”, she should not be going around JUDGING the other members who are far more qualified than her.

A Senior Member Questioning How ZeNiX got VIP status with 1 post
A GIF Video of the Thread in the VIP Section of the Forum as proof that the screenshot is real

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the VIP member of the eXeTools forum who’d risked his VIP status to make the screenshots and the GIF video available to us.