Tonyweb becomes TonyWank/TinyWank/TinyWeb with de!

First of all, if you did not check it out yet.. Check this:

Gregory Morse aka Addul Muid Starts IDA Pro Crack Drama Again at Exetools

Anyway… Getting back to the story at hand… How TonyWeb becomes TonyWank or…

More appropriately, going by his self confessed micro-penis issue, we should refer to him as TinyWeb, Or TinyWank instead! 😀

Tonyweb today published the most astounding accounts of his sexual adventures with the granny reverser who goes by the moniker de!

He also went ahead and posted a screenshot of the comments which a well sexually satiated de! wrote in the chatbox of another forum. I am reproducing it here for the convenience of our beloved readers:

A well sexually satiated de! comments that she would never forget the “pleasures” she received from TonyWeb the Wank the other day :


Of course, you can directly contact Tony..Err…Web 😀 here:

TonyWeb Posts Lies in VIP Area of TSRh/ Email Revealed

Gregory Morse Starts IDA Pro Crack Drama Again at Exetools

It has come to our notice that the once respected reverser TonyWeb had posted lies in the Private VIP Area of the TSRh forum yesterday.

This is not surprising given his latest history of selling cracks, drugs and Child Porn on the online forums to students and school children over the past few weeks.

Tonyweb also published his contact details on his blog today:

TonyWeb’s contact details

Tonyweb also published his lamentations recently in 2 parts: Part 1 and Part 2.