PSA: Don’t Get Cheated by TonyWeb

This is a short PSA warning to everyone out there about the latest tactics used by TonyWeb to cheat unsuspecting users in various online forums by pretending to sell them cracks for money.

The general tactic that TonyWeb starts out with is by acting as the “charming gentleman” who like to “help people”, by throwing a bone or two in online forums by pretending to solve crack requests.
That way he fools most of the unsuspecting Administrators of the forums into promoting him to a high rank (most of the time, into the VIP rank or its equivalent).

Once promoted, TonyWeb slowly but surely starts to show his true colours by leeching off every single bit of valuable content posted by other senior users, from the VIP sections of the forums, which he then proceeds to sell in his own personal forums for large sums of money.

Most of the time, TonyWeb takes all the credit for the private techniques and content leeched off from the other forums, by calling them his own.
Of course, in order to avoid allegations that TonyWeb does not give credit for others’ work, he explicitly pretends to give credits now and then for PUBLIC and not very secret techniques in the forums.

Of course, for the REAL secret content, TonyWeb never gives credit to the real authors.

Once TonyWeb finished leeching off everything of value from a forum, then he silently but surely stops contributing there and then changes his EMAIL ID used for the registration in that forum, to a new one. This is to ensure that even if he is banned, none of his REAL details including his email address are left behind in that forum.

All the while, TonyWeb pretends to show that he is active in the various forums by posting trash posts, of very little value, or of content that is very old and useless to most people.

Many and various are the online forums where the CUNNING SNAKE of a person, TonyWeb, ransacked and sold off the valuable content of, in this manner.

One of the main forum where TonyWeb managed to win the trust of and cheat the users of their valuable content was the Team-IRA forum, where he conducted the exact same modus operandi before taking out the content from that forum to sell in other forums through PMs and other means.

It is well known that it is possible to guard online forums and their contents against enemies and hackers but it is impossible to guard against BACK-STABBERS like TonyWeb who use CUNNING and DECEPTION to WIN OVER TRUST and then STEAL content to later sell!

Whether you believe any of this or not, all the tactics of TonyWeb described here will be obvious to anyone with eyes who want to analyse the posts of that cunning serpent TonyWeb.

Shocking Truth From Zeus of Board4All Regarding Challenger and Markat alias Kate

Just in case you were all too busy and did not notice it yet, a huge drama developed yesterday further exposing the internal strife between the staff of Board4All and the internal real-life politics of the main administrators of Board4All.

Once again, unsurprisingly, tonyweb was brought to the forefront as one of the key players and his motives to infuse hatred and dissension among the staff of Board4All just so that he could get a “promotion” and access to certain VIP areas of the forum were discussed in detail.

This is the original post by the founder of the Board4All forum (Zeus) here:

Tonyweb, the slimy and heartless criminal, discussed in the post by Zeus, is available (by PAYMENT of course, never does things for free although he pretends to be a very helpful member of the forum) is found here at that forum:

Proof that ZeNiX Encourages Crack Sales in eXeTools Forum

Today, one of our patrons had asked on my reddit thread to demonstrate proof that actual SELLING of cracks (software with their DRM protection mechanisms disabled or removed) is actually ALLOWED or encouraged on the eXeTools forum. I have posted what I think to be adequate proof there. I am also posting it here on this blog for the whole world to see and understand. If you have any questions, feel free to post them as comments below.

I have also responded to the comments that some of you had kindly posted. Please keep ’em coming 🙂


In the screenshot below you can clearly see that the admin of the forum, ZENIX, saying that it is permissible to actually CHARGE for the illegal cracking services.

Admin Encourages CHARGING for cracks and BANS Me when I QUOTE Rules

In the second part of the screenshot, you can see that when I asked that charging is in violation of the forum RULES (you can see that I even quoted directly from the RULES), she decided to quietly ban me.

You can see my other post in that same thread where I spoke up against SELLERS of the cracks:

I speak up against CRACK SELLERS in the forum

In another thread, as seen in this screenshot, the person called USER1 (a blatant SELLER of cracks) openly asks a requester to buy cracks from them:

user1 encourages to buy cracks from them

But in that same thread, you can see the user HOFFMAN saying that he’d already got the crack elsewhere for free and that he is fine.

To explain this context further to those who do not understand, the user HOFFMAN wanted to try out a TRIAL version of the neuroscience SDK (available on their site for 30 days as Full featured trial except that it required one to be connected ONLINE to their servers the ENTIRE TIME that one was using the trial.

You can see on the products OFFICIAL FORUM a FOURTEEN PAGE THREAD which still remains unresolved where customers write that they are unable to run their TRIAL version as their servers requiring continuous connections are buggy.

So another Senior Reverser on the eXeTools forum “rectified” it so that the continuous connection was no longer necessary. You can see that HOFFMAN thanked that reverser in my screenshot above.

But the admins of the forum obviously did not like him solving it for FREE and even DEMOTED him. It is another matter that the Senior Reverser eventually decided to quietly LEAVE the forum earlier this month.

You can see a FULL GIF video of the thread showing that Zenix says it’s alright to CHARGE for crack services (this is to avoid claims that I have “edited” or otherwise manipulated those screenshots:

Oh, and by the way, that post and thread should STILL be existing on the forum, unless the admins see this post and scurry back to delete it in a hurry lol

The story does not end there. Ultimately ZENIX writes back to the Senior Reverser who helped HOFFMAN for FREE, the following message after she DEMOTES him:

DEMOTION for helping someone for FREE

After that a war started with certain members asking that this is just NOT FAIR. DEMOTING SOMEONE for just HELPING someone WITHOUT CHARGING A PENNY? Ridiculous.

So you can see the ORIGINAL THREAD archived on the web, after this incident:

You can also please note the highlighted portions of the message from a sensible member on the board:

How can DEMOTING solve the problem?

The response of the Reverser to the demotion (selected portions highlighted and pasted below):

“As you can see, I am being “punished” even though it is not my fault.
I am fine with it.
I would need to be ashamed only if I did something wrong AND I was punished as a result of it”