Tuts4you Forum Peddles Dangerous Cures for COVID-19

Chants (Gregory Morse from Cleveland, Ohio) once again made the
headlines for creating a new terrorist technique to kill people without
the use of assault weaponry.

Gregory Morse

Chants from tuts4you (where he masquerades under the nick of ProgMan)
added a new dimension to terrorism by posting dangerous “cures” for
COVID-19, in an attempt to kill as many innocent people as possible.

He had initially called himself the FROG-MAN as he liked to drink FROG SOUP made from the feet of frogs and also enjoyed BAT SOUP made from fresh bats. Yes the kind of bats that live in caves and hang upside down from trees to sleep… Due to societal pressure at Ohio where people did not like the idea of bats being brought into their neighborhoods, Chants changed his nick to Progman later.

Chants called this the “New Weaponless Killing Tactic” and was found
posting the detailed principles for the implementation of this

According to Chants, one was supposed to prey on the fears of the
victim population and suggest dangerous remedies that could ultimately
lead to the victims’ deaths if followed! Chants referred to this as NEW AGE TERRORISM and was found busy teaching it to his followers at the eXeTools forum as well as at the tuts4you forum!

In this case, Gregory Morse suggested that drinking concentrated common salt solution (sodium chloride) would “flush” the intestines and thus ultimately cure the COVID infection by killing the virus.

This strategy if adopted by anyone with renal failure or hypertension
could lead to life threatening emergencies which would most likely end
up fatally!

Chants also suggested a whole list of quack remedies which he claimed
would cure the COVID infection.

You can see the screenshots below.

Click here if you cannot view image: https://i.postimg.cc/BZRHYwwS/chants-quack-cures.png
Chants aka Progman Recommends Dangerous Cures for COVID-19: CLICK ON PIC

The original thread at tuts4you can be accessed at this link: https://forum.tuts4you.com/topic/42007-coronavirus/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-203338

In case it is taken down, you can see it archived for posterity here: http://archive.is/DjlCG

Meanwhile Teddy Rogers, the admin of Tuts4you decides to turn a blind eye to all this since LOKI, the co-admin of tuts4you is also the admin of eXeTools forum where the main work of recruiting and training terrorists takes place.


As many members of the EXETOOLS forum would have been no doubt aware by now,  the site was mostly down for a greater part of the last 2 days as the site operators struggled to move their illegal site back to China from where it is presently operating from, at this time.

Earlier on, this illegal site (forum.exetools.com) was hosted on the IT7 Servers with an IP address of , which they tried to go to great lengths to conceal, through the use of CloudFlare services.

Due to the unrelenting efforts on the part of LEAs from various jurisdictions, the site operators were forced to retreat back to China where they continue to host the site behind their home-grown reverse-proxy firewall, at the time of this writing.

It is of note that they even use their mobile phone’s internet connection to serve out the web content from their PC which they use as a server for that illegal site at this time.

Of course, the operators of the site including Chants and Ahmadmansoor attempted to geo-block a few IP address ranges belonging mapping to the US and some parts of Europe.

Of course, in these days where VPNs have become a fact of life and where even laymen use the VPNs for their daily browsing needs, the jokers (admins of EXETOOLS) who attempted that IP block with their home-grown firewall should learn that they are not fooling anyone lol.

Readers may recall that it was only after the sad demise of Aaron and Zenix, the founders of this site, in a tragic accident last December, that the forum started to get rolling into this treacherous and slippery slope of Major Crime, including recruitment of Terrorists and Child Sex Abuse.

Of course, as everyone is well aware, the site specializes in software and hardware piracy, with even a dedicated REQUESTS sections where members can request cracks for software and hardware (dongles) for a price. I had already posted in another blog post of mine earlier as to how the admins actually encourage the sales of pirated material in the forum.

A screenshot of the “requests” section from that illegal website is posted as evidence below, for all to see. It is current as at that time of this writing of this blog.



Let me first of all apologize to all of you for not being able to post here regularly the past few days. Me and my sister were busy running around the cops and answering their questions. One would not believe just how many times we both were called to the station to provide signatures and/or answer their questions during the course of their investigations. Of course, they also did make their way to my home many a time and therefore I do not have any complaints regarding this.

The main drawback in this situation was that Mr Exodia being in Poland, it was becoming a lot more cumbersome for the cops to directly apprehend him, without involving the interpol.

By now it is not a big secret anymore that the INTERPOL had finally taken notice of the crimes taking place within and through the pro-terrorist site EXETOOLS, which, while pretending to be an innocuous RCE site on the surface is in truth a nesting and breeding ground for crimes and criminals of the worst order.

Consequently the INTERPOL conducted a lightning raid on the EXETOOLS servers in the wee hours of the morning last weekend (16th and 17th Feb) and in the process, took down the EXETOOLS hosting servers within a few minutes, taking a dump of the database with them.

Many of you who tried to access the EXETOOLS site last week would have noticed that the site was offline for over 2 days. Now you know the reason.

Ultimately, the EXETOOLS staff managed to move the site to another server, but the question is, HOW MUCH LONGER would it be before THAT site is also brought down by the cops? I would say that the days for EXETOOLS forum are NUMBERED.

As most of you already must be well aware, the crimes prevalent in the EXETOOLS site are not just pertinent to software piracy but also major ones like TERRORISM , Under-age Sexual Harassment , etc

A lot of senior reversers had already left the forum well before this blog could expose their criminal deeds to the whole world.

All the crime started mainly after the demise of the founders Zenix and Aaron in December 2018.

The main perpetrators of the terrorism and other crimes in EXETOOLS forum are CHANTS and Ahmadmansoor , as already discussed in other posts in this blog.

There have been a number of queries regarding whether I am still going to release the SITE-RIP of EXETOOLS forum or not.

Due to the overwhelming feedback we’d received regarding this matter, that it would be a lot better to post the entire site-rip as another site on the internet with REGULAR UPDATES (rather than as a CHM), for all to visit and refer to, I would be doing exactly that.

I will not only be creating an exact MIRROR of the EXETOOLS forum, but also will be UPDATING the mirror on a regular basis, the updates being any useful material actually shared in the original EXETOOLS forum.
These regular updates would not be possible, should I just create and share a CHM file of the site-rip.

A few patrons had also asked me for the PoC Keygen for IDA to be shared again as the original links were down.

Anyone who missed downloading it from my original share can download it here.

Note that this is just the PoC Keygen Source Code that was originally shared at EXETOOLS several weeks ago.

Finally, a BIG THANK YOU to all the VIP members of EXETOOLS who are taking the trouble to provide me the shares from EXETOOLS to make my idea a success.