Shameless Creature TonyWeb Continues Preying on Underage Girls in Italy

We’ve already covered the deeds of this shameless creature Tonyweb, a sorry excuse to the entire humanity as a whole, who reaps in thousands of dollars through the exploitation and sales of contraband drugs and video clips of school children engaged in forced sexual acts after being incapacitated with the illegal drug ECSTASY before being lured away to his den after their school hours.

Just a couple of days ago he was found making his usual posts which makes any decent person sick to their stomachs and throw them into a gut-wrenching fit of sadness and pity for the poor exploited girls. I am posting the screenshot of one of his posts below:
Tonyweb’s Shameless Post from a Popular Warez Forum

Tonyweb is known to threaten the girls with dire consequences before releasing them back to return home after the completion of the diabolical sexual acts with the underage Italian girls.

Most of his victims, being less than 12 years of age, are known to remain silent due to the fear of being reprimanded by their own parents.

The few brave children who reported the heinous crimes of Tonyweb against them to their parents, make posts like mine, where we expose criminals like TonyWeb, possible.

The purpose of this post is to warn parents to take care of their children and protect them from the fiends like Tonyweb!

Tonyweb’s association with terrorists like Jihadi Abdul Muid is also nothing new and well known. This has already been covered in our blog posts here:

TonyWeb Confirmed to be the Mole and Fraud at BetaBBS

As everyone knows by now, the BetaBBS forum was hacked yet again one more time, with the usual PSA posts by the crybaby DrNil bawling and howling that his little forum was hit by yet another APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) Malware that dragged all the most private and precious shares from the members into the “streets” of the internet for all to have a go at!

DrNil obviously was no match for the master hacker who managed to bring the BetaBBS forum to its knees in one fell swoop.

Before DrNil could get up, dust himself off and get his bearings, the damage was done and each and every post from each and every one of the most private sections of the BetaBBS forum was left open and available for everyone on the internet to access as they wished!

At that point, DrNil could do nothing except to write a weepy crybaby PSA post.

Seizing the opportunity, Tonyweb decided to show his true colors by hastily opening up a website ( to host and sell all the leaked material from the BetaBBS site.

Enticing everyone with the Flare-On Writeups, Tonyweb shamelessly promoted his website!

This is a developing story and we will provide more details very soon!

BetaBBS (PhoenixBBS Forum) Hacked: Tonyweb’s Paid Cracked Content Leaked

It is well known that the popular reverser Tonyweb from Italy, who once used to crack and share commercial software including financial sofware for free had been recently caught selling his cracks on various underground online sites to selected individuals.

BetaBBS aka PhoenixBBS is one such underground forum where Tonyweb aka mr.eax09 was known to be regularly indulging in the sales of cracked commercial software.

Now the latest news making the rounds in RCE forums is that the BetaBBS forum had not only got hacked but all the leaked content from the hack was put up for free download on a public mirror site:

So just head over to that site and have a look!