Power Struggle Between Forum Staff cripples Board4All

It is not a big secret anymore that the ongoing fight for power between the staff of Board4all.biz is taking a heavy toll on the once lively and active forum.

Crackers who used to frequent the forum and regularly post their releases there have all clearly lost their confidence that their releases would stay within the forum, and stopped sharing any of their serious and/or valuable content at Board4all for the past few weeks.

It is indeed a fact that anything valuable posted at Board4all immediately finds its way to a variety of online sites where that content is posted for free download by all!

The main contention between the staff seems to have developed over the fact that some of the staff like Vietcode pressurize new registrants of the forum with a huge list of crack requests for expensive software which he then proceeds to sell on his own underground sales websites.

When certain other main admins tried to put a stop to this “cracked software for sale” practice, the remaining admins decided to rebel against him and started posting banners upon banners claiming that the admin asks for users’ login details for the others sites where they have membership to.

Of course, everyone knows that let alone ask for login details, the admin actually asks every member to use UNIQUE and STRONG passwords that were never used before on any other sites, when registering on his board.

While impersonators and fake members can be weeded out easily, nearly ALL of the “leakers” at Board4all.biz have GENUINE accounts of their own which they had created legitimately when fools like JonArbuckle let open their board registration without any filtering whatsoever!

When such GENUINE accounts which actually belong to the members in question exist, it is quite impossible to weed them out apart from blindly deleting all the accounts.

This is of course stupid and leads to a severe loss in members’ confidence in the forum!

A PHOTO of the admins of Board4all.biz was also posted by tonyweb recently on his blog site, and I will help identify the various members in that photo:

Staff Members of Board4all.biz

The first one from the left with a CONSTIPATED FACE in the pale blue shirt is of course the person who goes by the nick CHALLENGER aka DrNil. 😀

The one next to him is the the one who uses the nick Markat.

We have Vietcode and the rest of the staff, from the right in the photo.

TonyWeb Exposes Board4All Staff and their Lies

The once famous and respected reverser TonyWeb, recently brought the high-traffic warez site board4all.biz to its knees by making a public post of the photograph of all its staff (except for its main admin) on his blog cum sales site a few days ago:


This was the photo that he posted on his blog post that day which clearly shows us most of the staff members of that warez site:

Board4all.biz staff (minus the main admin)

It is no secret that after a few days of registering at that site and then posting some original work, some of the staff members including one person who uses the nickname VIETCODE, send the poor member a huge list of software to “crack” (remove and/or bypass the DRM schemes from that software) which the staff then proceed to SELL on their own sites for large sums of money.

In the recent days, apparently the staff changed tactics and now use fake accounts in order to DM the crack requests to new members.

Any members declining the crack requests from the staff are banned under one pretext or the other. This is well known. On top of it, that member would be accused of a whole bunch or wrongdoings as well, in addition to some immature accusatory banners being posted on top of their home page, with the baseless accusations.

One such baseless accusation is seen on top of the baord4all home page in the form of a huge banner, claiming that the admin of another forum is “asking the members of board4all for their login and password details” and that the admin is actually a previously banned members at board4all”.

Aside from the fact that the accusation is baseless and completely false (ask ANY member of TIRA if the TIRA staff EVER asked anyone to disclose their login or other details of ANY other forum) and you will know what I mean.

Of course, the notice was put up the beggarly JonArbuckle and “Challenger” aka DrNil who go to any extent and do not hesitate to brown-nose anyone, to get staff status in forums, and then try to bite the hand that feeds them.

It is well remembered by the older members of Board4All that JonArbuckle was just one year ago, just a MEASLY MEMBER with no status at all, until he begged and begged and begged the main Admin for the Administrator status at Board4All. Right after getting the Admin status, JonArbuckle decided join hands with Challenger/DrNil to turn and attack the Admin who gave him that status, by starting a rebellion in the Board4All forum silently and turning the rest of the forum staff against the Admin.

Of course, the main motivation for JonArbuckle and Challenger/DrNil being that the Main Admin used to discourage and ban the practice of begging for cracks from members and then selling them for monetary profits. Due to this, JonArbuckle and Challenger decided to spread the baseless rumors against the main Root Admin in an attempt to get him to resign from the Board4all administration.