Tonyweb turns TSRh into a Childporn Den

It is deeply saddening for me to write how TonyWeb, the once well renown reverser stooped to the depth of depravity to turn the chatbox of the TSRh forum into a den of depravity with discussions of how they lure and drug 10 year old schoolgirls before filming them performing sexual acts.

A screenshot is provided below (it is possible that some of the content could be censored off or edited by the forum staff after the publication of this post):

Tonyweb same as mr.eax09: Confesses During a Sale!

Today TonyWeb, the new reverser-turned-homosexual-pornstar was caught red handed yet again after he confessed during an underground sales transaction that he and mr.eax09 were one and the same person. See the screenshot below:

mr.eax09 and TonyWeb the same person

Click on the picture above to view it full size.

As you can see, he was trying to sell a cracked financial app calculated to hack into any company’s financial and employee records!