It is no secret that Mr Duncan Ogilvie is better known by his nick Mr Exodia, and that he is a part of the administration team of the eXeTools forum. As such he would be able to exercise significant control over what goes on at the forum.

It is of special significance to note that Mr Exodia had joined DENUVO as a developer back in May 2018 and continues to work there.

Mr Exodia aka Mr Duncan Ogilvie had openly admitted to being an employee of DENUVO on the tuts4you forum just last month. The fact that Mr Exodia is an employee of DENUVO seems to be significant in the light of the fact that all the arguments, dissensions, fights and even take-downs of certain warez/reverse engineering forums started only after May 2018. Prior to that, the atmosphere at the forums was more or less peaceful.

We can see the discussion around the topic of Mr Exodia joining DENUVO as an employee, in this REDDIT thread:

A representational post from this thread is excerpted below:
“While he “assures us there is no conflict of interest” in that thread I highly doubt that, especially given big D’s record. He shouldn’t even be allowed to commit to project anymore at all, what stops him from placing some obscure code (Denuvo’s forte) that makes x64dbg “coincidentally” crash when reading certain lines in protected exes? What motivation would he have? I imagine they would offer a nice bonus at the very least.
It’s all hearsay at the end of the day, but the minute this guy signed away his soul he lost all future credibility imo.”

This is from the top-most post in that thread.
What I am trying to say is that there would be a definite conflict of interest when a warez forum administrator joins a software protector company like DENUVO lol!

While the life purpose of eXeTools Forum is to defeat commercial software protections, it is a joke that the same person who works as a developer for a protector company (DENUVO) by day, comes back to administer the warez forum at night!

How Mr Exodia attempted to harass and take advantage of me sexually when I asked him for help reversing a PC-based computer game protected with DENUVO would require a full blog post and I will post the full details with PROOF very soon.

Really, it is an extremely degenerate misuse of his position at DENUVO to ask for sexual favors from a teen girl in exchange for “cracking” a computer game obfuscated with the DENUVO’s protection mechanism.

As I’d already said, it would require another full blog post by itself!

The arrogance of Mr Exodia can be summed up from this post of his:

The Arrogance of Mr Exodia

The REAL eXeTools Forum (

The purpose of this blog is to expose certain atrocities that I had experienced during the short period of time that I was a member at the eXetools forum (

Two main categories of illegal activities are prevalent in this forum:
1.Recruiting members for Jihadi and Terrorist Groups
2.Female sexual exploitation and harassment

While to all external appearances it gives the impression that the eXeTools forum is a decent Reverse Engineering forum, in reality, what lurks beneath is illegal activity of the highest order.

Specifically, I will be focusing on the two main activities that take place rampantly in the forum and also provide screenshots to support my statements.

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