Proof that ZeNiX Encourages Crack Sales in eXeTools Forum

Today, one of our patrons had asked on my reddit thread to demonstrate proof that actual SELLING of cracks (software with their DRM protection mechanisms disabled or removed) is actually ALLOWED or encouraged on the eXeTools forum. I have posted what I think to be adequate proof there. I am also posting it here on this blog for the whole world to see and understand. If you have any questions, feel free to post them as comments below.

I have also responded to the comments that some of you had kindly posted. Please keep ’em coming 🙂


In the screenshot below you can clearly see that the admin of the forum, ZENIX, saying that it is permissible to actually CHARGE for the illegal cracking services.

Admin Encourages CHARGING for cracks and BANS Me when I QUOTE Rules

In the second part of the screenshot, you can see that when I asked that charging is in violation of the forum RULES (you can see that I even quoted directly from the RULES), she decided to quietly ban me.

You can see my other post in that same thread where I spoke up against SELLERS of the cracks:

I speak up against CRACK SELLERS in the forum

In another thread, as seen in this screenshot, the person called USER1 (a blatant SELLER of cracks) openly asks a requester to buy cracks from them:

user1 encourages to buy cracks from them

But in that same thread, you can see the user HOFFMAN saying that he’d already got the crack elsewhere for free and that he is fine.

To explain this context further to those who do not understand, the user HOFFMAN wanted to try out a TRIAL version of the neuroscience SDK (available on their site for 30 days as Full featured trial except that it required one to be connected ONLINE to their servers the ENTIRE TIME that one was using the trial.

You can see on the products OFFICIAL FORUM a FOURTEEN PAGE THREAD which still remains unresolved where customers write that they are unable to run their TRIAL version as their servers requiring continuous connections are buggy.

So another Senior Reverser on the eXeTools forum “rectified” it so that the continuous connection was no longer necessary. You can see that HOFFMAN thanked that reverser in my screenshot above.

But the admins of the forum obviously did not like him solving it for FREE and even DEMOTED him. It is another matter that the Senior Reverser eventually decided to quietly LEAVE the forum earlier this month.

You can see a FULL GIF video of the thread showing that Zenix says it’s alright to CHARGE for crack services (this is to avoid claims that I have “edited” or otherwise manipulated those screenshots:

Oh, and by the way, that post and thread should STILL be existing on the forum, unless the admins see this post and scurry back to delete it in a hurry lol

The story does not end there. Ultimately ZENIX writes back to the Senior Reverser who helped HOFFMAN for FREE, the following message after she DEMOTES him:

DEMOTION for helping someone for FREE

After that a war started with certain members asking that this is just NOT FAIR. DEMOTING SOMEONE for just HELPING someone WITHOUT CHARGING A PENNY? Ridiculous.

So you can see the ORIGINAL THREAD archived on the web, after this incident:

You can also please note the highlighted portions of the message from a sensible member on the board:

How can DEMOTING solve the problem?

The response of the Reverser to the demotion (selected portions highlighted and pasted below):

“As you can see, I am being “punished” even though it is not my fault.
I am fine with it.
I would need to be ashamed only if I did something wrong AND I was punished as a result of it”


Some people made comments and raised objections to my proclamation that I was going to upload and share the FULL eXeTools Site-Rip including the HIDDEN SECTIONS of the forum with the attachments within a few days.

It is sad that ROLFR decided to remove my comments and thread on the reddit /r/reverse-engineering while leaving the comments of the others who wrote in favor of the criminals like Mr Exodia and others from the eXeTools forum intact.

Anyway you can access the FULL COMMENTS at this link so that you can read them in context.

You can also visit this link and post your comments there, where I will have more freedom to respond without fear of having them deleted by male chauvinists supporting the pedophiliac behavior of Mr Exodia.

I am also pasting them once again below, in case they pull strings and get any more jugglery done at REDDIT to get my comments totally removed, or worse yet, get my entire account deleted there.

My Response to TANSIM aka Mr Exodia on REDDIT:

tansim aka mr exodia , shame on you. You are trying to sideline the story and distract readers away from your pedophilic acts?

Mr Exodia has asked my 13-year old sister to removed her blouse and bra on the webcam in exchange for cracks (denuvo-protected game), When I brought this up before the admins they banned me.

He clearly knew that my sis was 13-years old and in high school. Yet he persisted.

I have the screenshots of their conversation which I will post shortly on my blog.

He tried that same trick with me when I asked him to help me with a game crack but I was firm and refused. Later he tried to attempt to take advantage of my younger sister knowing full well that she was under-aged.

Just to hush me up, they banned me on their forum.

I just want to expose all their dastardly deeds on my blog. Such pedophiles should be dealt with sternly by the law!

My response to TANSIM (aka Mr Exodia) asking whether it is right for me to post site-rips of private forums without permission:

No one had “entrusted” any private sections to me. That whole forum in the past few years is nothing but a den for crime. If anyone posts any knowledge for FREE, they get thrown out under some pretext or the other.

The forum is now nothing but a big “exchange” where they sell dongle cracks and they do not share anything really useful at all for free.

By checking out my FULL rip that I will release in a couple of days you can confirm that any GOOD stuff had been released only at least 5 years prior.

For the past few years, anyone posting any good content for free is simply thrown out if they do not heed the warnings by the admins.

The admins in their “power-play” simply want to “control” the registrations and like to be “begged” for registrations to their now worthless forum.

Members are not even allowed to LEAVE in peace.

See this archive to see how that Chessdog101 unlocks that thread in the CHEAP hope that miscreants would come and turn it in to a mud-flinging session:

My share will change all that!

Now anyone can browse the FULL archives without needing to beg them for registrations!!!

Further , I will be UPDATING my site-rip regularly as and when anything REALLY USEFUL is actually posted on the forum lol.

At this time we have a small group of VIP MEMBERS from the eXeTools forum who had PLEDGED to send me the updates. They are a part of our team as well. So it is not just ME who feels that it is OK to post the full rip. There are many VIP members also suporting us. How can ALL of them be wrong?*

Reversers Leave Forum Thanks to Mr Exodia’s Alliance with Denuvo

An archived version of the post from the eXeTools forum is available at the link given below. Given the volatile situation at the eXeTools forum, it is impossible to be sure that the threads and posts have not been altered or manipulated by the unscrupulous administrators.

This is why I am posting a link direct to the archive server so that we can sure of the genuineness of the content:

Head right to the first and last posts in that thread by the well known reverser who had decided to leave the forum after being there for over 18 years.

This is the sorry situation of the reverse engineering these days given that once of our best, i.e Mr Exodia decided to change sides and support Denuvo, taking all our secrets with him.