Shocking Truth From Zeus of Board4All Regarding Challenger and Markat alias Kate

Just in case you were all too busy and did not notice it yet, a huge drama developed yesterday further exposing the internal strife between the staff of Board4All and the internal real-life politics of the main administrators of Board4All.

Once again, unsurprisingly, tonyweb was brought to the forefront as one of the key players and his motives to infuse hatred and dissension among the staff of Board4All just so that he could get a “promotion” and access to certain VIP areas of the forum were discussed in detail.

This is the original post by the founder of the Board4All forum (Zeus) here:

Tonyweb, the slimy and heartless criminal, discussed in the post by Zeus, is available (by PAYMENT of course, never does things for free although he pretends to be a very helpful member of the forum) is found here at that forum:

5 Replies to “Shocking Truth From Zeus of Board4All Regarding Challenger and Markat alias Kate”

  1. What a shame!
    I was under the impression that tonyweb was a nice guy.
    Shame on you @tonyweb.
    You are really a slimy creature from hell!

  2. Dear Zeus,
    I am sorry to hear about your loss.
    Challenger and Markat are real assholes.
    I will be with you always.

    Don’t mind the thieves like tonyweb. They are cheap fellows withotu any self-respect.

  3. Wow! All these days I was trusting that tonyweb is a decent guy.
    But what a cheat he turned out to be!
    Doing all that trash jobs just for a mere promotion.
    Sowing discord among family members is very bad.

    F*ck tonyweb all the way to hell!

  4. It’s unfortunate that B4A has evolved into a content marketplace for paid sites. This topic has been raised for a long time and I personally proposed solutions to this problem, but the administrators were not interested in them. Now it’s clear why…
    Unfortunately, I have not personally communicated with ZEUS, but I fully support it!

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