TonyWeb Confirmed to be the Mole and Fraud at BetaBBS

As everyone knows by now, the BetaBBS forum was hacked yet again one more time, with the usual PSA posts by the crybaby DrNil bawling and howling that his little forum was hit by yet another APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) Malware that dragged all the most private and precious shares from the members into the “streets” of the internet for all to have a go at!

DrNil obviously was no match for the master hacker who managed to bring the BetaBBS forum to its knees in one fell swoop.

Before DrNil could get up, dust himself off and get his bearings, the damage was done and each and every post from each and every one of the most private sections of the BetaBBS forum was left open and available for everyone on the internet to access as they wished!

At that point, DrNil could do nothing except to write a weepy crybaby PSA post.

Seizing the opportunity, Tonyweb decided to show his true colors by hastily opening up a website ( to host and sell all the leaked material from the BetaBBS site.

Enticing everyone with the Flare-On Writeups, Tonyweb shamelessly promoted his website!

This is a developing story and we will provide more details very soon!